Old Favorites!

Old Favorites: Nicola – Don’t break my heart

The Rumenian entry from 2003. Fun song with even funnier performance!


Old Favorites: Papa Pengouin

It’s always so wonderful when costumes play the main role in Eurovision! So it was with the song from Luxembourg in 1980 when the French twin sisters Magaly & Sophie sang about Papa Pengouin, the sad little penguin that wished it could fly like a seagull! They hit 9th place with 56 points.

They got enormous success in French after Eurovision with the song selling in millions of copies. Soon Magaly & Sophie found out the hard way what 15 minutes of fame really means and no matter how many singles they produced in the next year, none matched up to the Eurovision entry. What a great Eurovision ever-green! 🙂


Old Favorites: Den vilda

English: Old time favorite of mine is this swedish entry for 1996 with Nanne Grönwall og Maria Rådsten as the group One More Time. The song Den vilda is a lovely ballade. It has even been sung in Icelandic as Dansaðu vindur by Eivör Pálsdóttir at the Frostroses concert in 2008. The fun twist is that Hera Bjork, Iceland’s performer this year, was one of the Frostroses! 🙂

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