About us!

Welcome to our site. We are two girls in Reykjavik who are lifelong Eurovision-fans! Here we post all kinds of stuff about Icelandic Eurovision (Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins), performers and Eurovision in general. Nothing is too trivial for coverage! 🙂

We started the site in January 2010 and so we will add more info as time goes and the site will develop. Please contact us for information, remarks or anything at eurovisioneurovision@gmail.com.

Authors are Hildur Tryggvadóttir Flóvenz and Eyrún Ellý Valsdóttir

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  1. valentinos michael skrifar:

    Dear Eurovision fans from Iceland. We would like to congratulate you and your country for proceeding to the Final. Your presentation was brilliant and amazing and you really deserved it!

    Lot’s of La la love
    Valentinos Gilbert
    Ogae Cyprus

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