Euronerds of the day: Guri and Astrid from „Good evening Europe“-blogsite

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1. What is the best Eurovision song of all time?
Fairytale, of course!

2. Who is the biggest Eurovision star?
Lots of great artists started their career in Eurovision, so the boring answer would be ABBA obviously, or Celine Dion. But to us it’s without a doubt Johnny Logan. Triple Eurovision-winner and 80’s hunk who sang his way into a special place in our hearts.

3. What is your favorite Eurovision song, both Icelandic and rest?
Our favorite Icelandic song is Euroband with „This is my life„. Fun, energetic, well performed eurotrash at its finest. And we’re loving Regina’s pink pumps!

Astrid’s overall favorite is „Främling“ with Carola, and Guri’s is France Gall: „Poupée de Cire Poupée de Son“.

4. Do you have a memorable memory of Eurovision?
Definitely the whole experience in Oslo 2010 when we attended our first Eurovision.

5. Who would be better in Eurovision, Angela Merkel or Berlusconi?
Berlusconi, for sure. He would have made a much better ESC participant than prime minister. Lots of girls and booze for him there as well.

6. If the life where a Eurovision song, what would it be about?
We’re loving the free booze angel Greece got going this year! Add a little free love and we’re game.

7. Ballad or euro-schlager pop song?
Yes, please all of the above! We like the diversity in genres in Eurovision. And we have a weakness for the ethno influenced uptempo songs, usually coming from the likes of Moldova, Armenia and other Eastern-European countries.

8. What’s the secret behind a successful ESC-entry (staging/song/performer)
Most importantly there has to be a good song to start with. It’s no use polishing a turd no matter how clever one can be with staging and gimmicks (well try telling that to Azerbaijan!). However a poor artist or bad stage presentation can easily ruin the best of songs, something France has shown a remarkable flair for the past few years.

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