The story behind Sweden’s front girls


Casper Wallström skrifar:

As soon as Sweden had won Eurovision last year, local people started speculating who would host the competition. Rumors spread for months, one of them about former ESC-winner Charlotte Perrelli being one of the hosts but Gina Derawi (who hosted Melodifestivalen this year) and Sarah Dawn Finer (actress behind Lynda Woodruff) were also often mentioned.

Many people were surprised when the news broke but according to local magazines, Swedes seem to be very happy with their choice after seeing how well the broadcast of the first semi-final on Tuesday went. As we all know, the main host is the actress Petra Mede, and she is assisted with comic relief from Lynda Woodruff, played by Sarah Dawn Finer. Both are very well known in Sweden but surely most foreign fans do not know much about them. So who are these funny women?

Petra Mede’s was a very prominent dancer at an early age and aimed at becoming a professional dancer. When she was in her 20s, however, she was forced to give up her dancing dream because of sever back problems. She became a tour guide in Stockholm but her friends were convinced that she was meant for something bigger. They admired her sense of humor and convinced her to join them in a stand-up competition in Stockholm in 2007. Of course, Petra’s team won the competition and soon enough she started appearing on various comedy shows and was eventually offered to host Melodifestivalen in 2009. Since then she has continued on to become one of Sweden’s most popular comedic actresses and those who are interested in Swedish comedy shows might want to look her up in the show Högklackat (High heels) which is an all-female sketch show.

Sarah Dawn Finer is half American and half British, which explains her good British accent, but born and raised here in Sweden. She actually owes her fame to her musical talent and Melodifestivalen – before anybody knew she was funny. She has competed in Melodifestivalen two times. Her first attempt was in 2007 with the song I Remember Love, but before that she was virtually unknown. The song, quite unexpectedly, placed fourth in Melodifestivalen and then went on to become a big chart success in Sweden. Two years later she tried again, then with the song Moving on which placed sixth in the final but ended up placing third on the Swedish single charts. The same year she was also the one to read out the Swedish voting results in the final of Eurovision. Then in 2012 she co-hosted Melodifestivalen. And that was when Lynda Woodruff was introduced to us. Woodruff became very popular with the audience which led to SVT deciding to share her jokes with the rest of the continent. According to the reaction to last night’s show, Lynda has already started collecting fans all over the continent so who knows what the future might have in store for her.

So the only question now is: Are Petra and Lynda saving the best for last? If so, we should have a very entertaining final ahead of us.

Sarah Dawn Finer – Moving on:

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