Spá Caspers: Will we be blind-sided again tonight?

CasperThe results of the first-semi final certainly brought some surprises. The Balkan-failure being one of them and the Lithuanian success another. Now that semi-final 2 is almost here, it’s time to try to predict what the results will be – and try not to get blind sided this time!

I believe that, like last Tuesday, there are some countries that simply cannot get it wrong tonight and that their only worries tonight should be not to party too hard after the show! These are:

This Katy Perry pop really gets into your head quickly. It will probably be sung by the whole arena and it has everything that a Eurovision-hit could need; a wardrobe change, a wind machine and a lesbian kiss. Krista is golden to the final!

This is probably the most powerful ballad in the competition. The act is flawless and the singers go well together. Like most of us know, this is written by Thomas G:son who co-wrote Loreen’s winning song, Euphoria, last year. Maybe G:son will have a double win?

This girl really wants to show us how vulnerable she is. She sings very passionately and you can really feel what she is feeling, even if you don’t understand the lyrics. This should make it through.

San Marino:
Do you remember the Facbook-girl from last year? Well, somehow Valentina has achieved to shed that silly image and come back as a real Euro-diva. She didn’t make it to the final last year, of course, but that is gonna change with this dramatic powerballad. It even has a wardrobe change and that is never wrong in Eurovision. It can’t fail!

This is a real candidate for winning. The song is great and the singer even better and the choreography is probably the most impressive this year. The drama is also good. Azerbaijan won with a ballad in 2011. This one is better than that one, so there is no reason that they can’t win again.

This is a real party starter. First of all, everybody likes free alcohol! Then the song has a good southern European and Balkan vibe to it which is usually popular. Then the guys seem to have a lot of fun during their performance and bringing the grandpa with them was also a strong move. The only negative thing is that the performance is a little messy.

Again, there are some countries that should already cancel their hotel booking for Friday through Saturday. I think that goes for the following:

Elitsa and Stoyan came fifth in 2007, with a ethno-pop song which was different at the time, but this time they go for a very similar song and its not going to work twice for them. It’s a song that you can’t really dance to but you can’t sit down and listen to it either. It’s just pure craziness!

This indie-pop song has really gotten stuck in my head – but for the wrong reasons. I started out kind of liking it but after a while it just got very irritating. Maybe because I do not understand the lyrics. But in the dress rehearsal he kept waving at the people standing right in front of him. It was quite distracting and looked as if he had never seen another human being before. It was just strange and I think he will not make it through.

After having made it into the final many years in a row, I am worried that Iceland will have to sit at home this Saturday. It is not that the song isn’t beautiful and it is not that Eyþór is not a good performer. The whole act is simply a little bit blend and could have been spiced up with a different wardrobe selection, in my opinion. It will be hard to motivate the voters to actually vote for it. But we can always hope for a little neighborhood voting!

Albanians usually send a really good song to the competition, but this year is definitely an exception. This must be the most boring rock song they could find which is a shame because the singer is very talented – like the fans in Malmö have gotten to witness on many occasions. But the song is even hard to explain – it’s just not good!

I liked this song when I first heard it. But unfortunately it has only gone down from there for me. I would never play this at home and if I heard it at the mall it would just dismiss it as some more elevator music. Nothing that catches my attention.

I do not think that Eurovision is the right venue for Salvation Army music. At least not when it is boring music, like I think this is. I also think it’s a cheap trick to bring the oldest ESC-performer ever. We have seen pretty old people before (Armenia’s Apricot stone also had the oldest performer of that time if I remember correctly, and we all remember the Russian grannies from last year). So no Switzerland on Saturday I am afraid.

Children should not be allowed to watch this. Not only is it border-line pornographic, but it is also a scarily bad song. Probably the worst song in many years. There is not much more to say about that.

Then there is the ones that really stand a chance but must use their three minutes well tonight. Those are:

I know many people are certain that this will make it, but that’s what most people thought about Haba haba too! This song is a little different, for sure. But I am not sure that the whole of Europe is ready for this kind of hard electro-pop. She still has a very good chance of making it through, even though the performance is a little blend.

They probably say “here we go” at least one thousand times during the performance. The lead singer took a stage dive in the dress rehearsal, which must be the first stage dive in ESC history. So, although it is an irritating song it somehow gets into your head. So they do stand a chance.

This is definitely the most schizophrenic song that I have ever heard. It starts with a handsome guy singing beautifully but all of a sudden, an old woman enters the stage from behind him and changes the song from a ballad into dance pop in a heartbeat. The woman, Esma, is actually very charming and I think she can well charm her way into the final. How can you not like her?

Many people have written Armenia off this year. But I actually think that the song is pretty decent and that the singer is quite good. And it is definitely better than the six songs I think are going home. So Armenia does stand a chance.

So to sum it up: Finland, Georgia, Israel, Azerbaijan, San Marino and Greece should be golden, while Norway, Latvia , Macedonia and Armenia need to give it their all tonight! If they don’t, then one of Bulgaria, Hungary, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Albania, Romania or Malta might sneak in the back door like Lithuania did. But otherwise they can go straight to Kastrup airport tonight I’m afraid.


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