Who will be the lucky ten and the unfortunate six tonight?

Casper spáir í spilin fyrir kvöldið! / Casper’s predictions for tonight!


First of all, the contestants tonight are already a little lucky since they ended up in the first semi-final, where only six songs will be disqualified, as opposed to seven in the second semi-final. But which are the countries that actually need luck tonight, and which don’t stand a chance even with luck?

After following the first rehearsals online and then personally witnessing the first dress-rehearsal, I think the following countries will not have to worry at all:

As I have previously stated Belarus, I believe in Alyona. She is the Ani Lorak of Belarus – a real perfomer, a real show stopper. This is my personal favorite and it has the sound of a classic Eurovision pop song.

Aliona Moon has a surprise for you in her performance and she is a very talented singer. Let’s just hope that she tones down her eye-makeup before the semi-final. It was a bit too much at the rehearsal.

Russia’s X-factor winner, Dina, is a great singer and this girl really does have it all. This gives me goosebumps and she has a big chance of winning the whole competition in my opinion. This is a powerful ballad, that may come across a bit corny and even boring to begin with, but I think the viewers at home are gonna get the same feeling as I did when she steps on the stage.

Belgium have only made it to the final once in the last seven years, but this time I really believe that they can make it. They have everything they need – a decent singer and a good song even though they could have put on little more of a show. Does everybody really need to wear black?

What a voice! She is a great singer and in the beginning of the song she gets carried in by one of the tallest men in the world. He fits well with the fairytale image that Zlata is trying to portray. Should be a big success!

Obviously, this is the favorite of most bookies and the fans also seem to believe in it. But the style of her performance makes me, personally, think about last years winner, Loreen, a bit too much.

But these are only six songs. Now let’s look at which songs that I do not think will make it!

Yes Ireland. I know many people are surprised now but we always do get one big surprise at least, right? Bad performance that doesn’t match the song, although Ryan is a very good singer. The naked guys with tattoos all over take away your attention.

The singer is to good for the song and her clothing choice is very poor. Jeans and a blouse? I really hope she makes up her mind and finds a nice dress!

Powerful ballad but is soon to be forgotten.

His eyebrows are crazy, nothing more to be said. 

A very good singer and a great performance, but it seems like the song is never ending.

Sweet song but doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

That only leaves us with four songs, that should make it through then. But I will name them last as I think those are the ones that need a bit of luck and should not be to sure of themselves.

A very messy performance but it gets a really good response from the crowd. Not my personal favorite and it seems like all the girls from Moje3 are having a really hard time finding the right camera angle. They turn their back to both the crowd and the cameras several times.

I don’t get why the birds don’t fly, but she still makes me get a very good feeling. But yet again, why wear all black? Not even a little bling jewelery? Com on!

Did not like at all when i heard it first, but it grows on you. It gets you in the chorus!

The most different from the rest of the competitors. It’s genuine, but quite boring. Still something tells me that this is what people want. 

So to sum it up:
Belarus, Belgium, Moldova, Russia, Denmark and Ukraine can just take it easy while Serbia, the Netherlands, Montenegro and Croatia really need to bring their best game tonight. However, Lithuania, Slovenia, Austria, Estonia, Cyprus and Ireland might want to start packing. Do you disagree? Well, we will see tonight!


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